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How We Help

'Male-friendly’ counselling environment

The benefits of telephone and online counselling are particularly attractive to men, who often find it tough to ask for help and can find face-to-face discussions about difficult issues confronting. Unlike face-to-face counselling, telephone and online counselling provide:

  • visual privacy
  • a high level of control by the client over the situation
  • an immediate response
  • anonymity, enabling greater honesty in the client a ‘quicker’ counselling process
  • MensLine Australia offers a private and safe environment for guys to talk about their problems. Over the phone or online, callers are anonymous and can retain more control over what happens.

    A counselling style preferred by men

    When faced with a problem, men are often more focused on outcomes and practical solutions than their emotions and internal world. MensLine Australia counsellors recognise this preference and offer a down-to-earth, practical approach to counselling, whilst also encouraging men to deal with important emotional issues in an effective way.

    Relevant information and referral to men’s services

    Although relationship and family problems can be traumatic for all concerned, it can be particularly difficult for men whose coping strategies are often limited. MensLine Australia’s counsellors have ready access to relevant information and referral to men’s services at any time and from anywhere in the country.

    Professional support for men across Australia

    MensLine is committed to supporting men in rural and regional Australia with our new models of service delivery. Our video counselling service provides vital professional support for men across Australia, many of whom would not otherwise be able access face-to-face counselling because of geographical or social isolation.

MensLine counsellor