Contribution guidelines

All events, links and other content submitted to the MensLine Australia website is subject to an approval process. In order to qualify for inclusion, contributions must be:

  • Relevant and beneficial to men experiencing relationship or mental health difficulties
  • Therapeutic rather than political in nature. Material with a clearly primarily political agenda will not be published on the site. Information that supports men in knowing their rights and responsibilities or navigating the system, however, is admissible
  • Respectful in both language and content, i.e., not divisive, provocative, anti-gender, derisive or slanderous of any individual or group
  • Rigorous and referenced, particularly if they include therapeutic advice or statistics.References must be from reputable sources
  • Non-commercial, except under special circumstances, for instance where a commercial website or organisation provides an important service for men which is not available from any non-profit source
  • Non-sectarian and non-religious. Services affiliated with a church or faith-based organisation are acceptable so long as they do not impose religious content on participants.

MensLine Australia is the final arbiter of all content on the site and may elect not to publish submitted material at its discretion, without necessarily providing reasons. However, if you feel the decision not to include your content is unfair, you may submit a request for review the decision. To request a review, please email