Counselling Services

MensLine Australia offers a range of free, professional counselling and support services for men across a range of modalities: 

  • Open line – an immediate, single-session discussion and support available 24/7
  • Call back service – ongoing support through a series of up to six follow-up telephone counselling sessions with the same counsellor
  • Arabic call back service – culturally appropriate ongoing support for Australia’s Arabic community 
  • Online counselling – text-based counselling available through the MensLine Australia website
  • Video counselling – face-to-face counselling available via Skype for men in rural and remote Australia
  • Assisted referrals – referring services or agencies who have established protocols with MensLine Australia can assist their clients to link directly with the MensLine service via a real-time warm-link transfer or email.

All information gathered during contact with MensLine Australia is a Health Record that is recorded and stored securely and may be used for quality and training purposes. For further information, click here.

Client rights and responsibilities can be found here.