Our Supporters

Cindy Finch

This year Cindy Finch is trekking the Kokoda Track to raise funds for On the Line and MensLine Australia. Please visit Cindy's trek for depression for more information. 

Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and Telematics Course Development Fund 

Telematics Course Development Fund and Helen Macpherson Smith Trust are proud supporters of On the Line. Recently they have continued their support and co-funded the MensLine Australia Online Counselling Provision and Training Project, maximising service options available to people seeking help and building capacity within On the Line and the broader sector.

Google Grants

Google Grants is an ongoing supporter of On the Line through the provision of Google AdWordsTM advertising for the MensLine Australia website. MensLine Australia advertising appears when particular search terms are used in Google. This ensures more men are aware of the services available to them and provides a vital link into the support MensLine Australia offers. The advertising is worth $20,000 - $50,000 per year.

Leader Community Newspapers

Leader Community Newspapers

On the Line are extremely grateful for the generous support we continually receive from Leader Community Newspapers, key providers of local news to the Victorian community, who regularly publish pro-bono advertisements of our vital service throughout their many publications to ensure people in need know where to turn for help.

ManSpace Magazine

ManSpace have kindly published pro-bono advertisements for MensLine Australia in their quaterly magazine. ManSpace is a celebration of what men get up to in their spare time. From collections and hobbies through to sheds, garages and man caves – ManSpace is the only magazine that taps into the personal stories and passions that make men tick. 

Funded by Percy Baxter 
Charitable Trust and L G & J E
Brown Charitable Trust Fund
managed by Perpetual

Perpetual Trustees — Percy Baxter Charitable Trust and L G & J E Brown Charitable Trust Fund 

Perpetual Trustees acting on behalf of Percy Baxter Charitable Trust and L G & J E Brown Charitable Trust Fund each respectively provided $50,000 to support the development of an e-learning tool which provides training in how to work effectively with men and identifying suicide risk of those located in rural and remote Australia. This important training tool will be available both on DVD and as an online module and provided to 17,000 health professional workers across Rural and Remote Australia. 

SBS Foundation

Thanks to the SBS Foundation, MensLine Australia is expected to receive an anticipated amount of $100,000 worth of advertising over a 12 month period. MensLine Australia advertisements will be screened on SBS at a variety of times with a preference given to air time during sporting programs and events.

The Ian Potter Foundation

The Ian Potter Foundation supported the development of 20 clinical worksheets for MensLine Australia Call Back Service. The worksheets address self care, communication and anger management and are a useful therapeutic tool for both counsellors and individuals. Worksheets are accessible on the MensLine Australia website for use by all Australians.